Ceramics Studio Safety Inspection

A comprehensive safety inspection of a ceramics studio insures a safe productive work place for potters. While working with clay and glazes are not inherently hazardous activities guidelines for handling ceramic materials and the firing of pottery kilns will protect everyone working in the studio.

The inspection procedure starts with submitting a floor plan of the studio with pottery wheels, tables, storage area, and kilns clearly shown. After which the interview process will begin consisting of the specific functions of the studio. Any images of the studio should be attached as JEPG files and sent to, www.jeffzamek.com. Additionally a Zoom meeting walk through of the space can be arranged.

What type of studio should be inspected? –
Any ceramics studio from a one person hobby potter location to large ceramics production facilities will benefit from a comprehensive safety review. All studios are subject to potential issues with air quality, kiln safety, storage problems and ergonomic placement of equipment.

The goals of the safety inspection:

  • To insure a clean safe workplace for potters working and firing kilns in the studio.
  • Use of a safety booklet -- A safety booklet will be issued to each person working in the studio listing specific safety measures. The booklet should be signed by each potter with a duplicate copy on file with the studio management.
  • Put procedures in place to migigate legal issues should they arise -- While injury litigation is statistically not likely having the correct safety procedures in place can mitigate legal expenses if an complaint occurs in the studio.

“Safety in the Ceramics Studio” by Jeff Zamek, describes how to develop a safe ceramics studio will be sent along with a written report listing recommendations for the studio.

The minimum safety equipment required are, fire resistant gloves, two types of respirators, correct shade of kiln goggles.

After a review of the ceramics studio a written report will be issued which will detail any safety hazards and recommendations for improving the studio environment.