Ceramics Consulting Services

As we all know, the only thing consistent about ceramics is its inconsistency! Raw materials, clays, glazes, and kilns change over time. Remember Albany Slip?

If you want...

  • to cut production costs  or lower loss rates
  • to develop a glaze and become independent of "stock" clay bodies from suppliers
  • to buy raw materials and clays from their source
  • to develop a clay body for throwing, hand building, slip casting, ram pressing, or jiggering operations
  • to develop a ceramic product
  • to change a firing temperature, try reduction firing, oxidation firing, salt/soda firing, wood firing, Raku firing, pit firing, lusters, decals, or fuming
  • to find out why glaze crawls, shivers, crazes, pinholes, blisters, dimples, runs, or just doesn't work
  • to learn why clay body fires too light, too dark, too absorbent, shrinks, cracks or just causes problems

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Jeff Zamek
Ceramics Consulting Services
6 Glendale Woods Drive
Southampton, MA 01073
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