Consulting Policies

After teaching college ceramics for ten years Jeff started Ceramics Consulting Services based on the needs of individuals and companies that required accurate and reliable advice in the field of ceramics. Jeff is a technical consultant for many ceramics supply companies where he answers questions on raw materials, glazes, kilns, and equipment. His clay body formulas are presently used in the pottery industry. Jeff also gives lectures and demonstrations on ceramic toxicology, pottery equipment, raw materials for clay bodies/glazes, kiln building, and ceramic defects causes/corrections.

Method of Payment – Personal and business checks are acceptable as are money orders and purchase orders from educational institutions (must be written in U.S. dollars and made out to: Jeff Zamek).

Hours of Operation – The Ceramics Consulting Service is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (EST) 7 days a week. An answering machine will be in operation at all other times. All inquires will be responded to within one day.

Consulting Fees – There is a one hour minimum charge of $85 per/hr. Many clients use 10 to 20 minutes at one time. You can then call again to use the remaining part of the hour on any topic, any time.

Clay body and glaze formulas are based on a flat fee depending on the formula needed. The flat fee covers any additional information or help that might be required until you are satisfied with the result.

If your clay body fires too light, too dark, too absorbent, shrinks, or for correction