Jeff Zamek Ceramics Consulting Services

Jeff Zamek's books, What Every Potter Should Know, Safety in the Ceramics Studio, and The Potter’s Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook provide information in easy to grasp segments that guide potters through the many aspects of working with ceramic materials.

He has published articles in Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, Studio Potter, The Firing Line, Craft Horizons, and Pottery Making Illustrated on many ceramic related topics.

Knowledge is power. As we all know, the only thing consistent about ceramics is its inconsistency! Raw materials, clays, glazes, and kilns change over time. Having the theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge of how to manipulate ceramic materials is critical to achieving your goals.

Acquiring useable information is the key to any production whether it’s making functional pottery, sculpture, or commercial ceramic products. Ceramics Consulting Services offers technical advice to potters, ceramics supply companies, ceramics industries, and teaching institutions. In the field of ceramics it’s not a question of if you have a problem and need help, it’s a question of when you will need problems solved.

The company was founded over thirty years ago by Jeff Zamek, a potter, ceramics teacher, and consultant. Jeff started making pots over thirty-six years ago when he received his business degrees in accounting and marketing from Monmouth University, W. Long Branch, NJ. He then went on to Alfred University, College of Ceramics, Alfred, NY and earned B.F.A and M.F.A. degrees in ceramic art. While at Alfred he developed the soda firing system currently used by many potters and college art programs.

An accomplished potter, ceramic technical expert, and experienced teacher, Jeff holds a business degree from Monmouth University and BFA/MFA degrees from Alfred University, College of Ceramics, New York.

With an additional degree in Business, he has also published numerous technical articles and is the author of three reference books, What Every Potter Should Know, Safety in the Ceramics Studio, and his most recent, The Potter's Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook.

Jeff provides ceramics consulting services to individual potters, ceramics supply companies, and industry. He also serves as an expert witness on ceramics litigation cases.