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Clay Articles

“Commercial Clay Body Formulation” Ceramics Technical, No. 36 2013

“Soluble Salts in Clay” Ceramics Technical, No. 35 2012

“Dense Packing and Filter Pressing Moist Clay” Ceramics Technical, No. 31 2010

“Mass Production Pre-Mixed Clays” Ceramics Technical, No. 30, 2010

“Changing Materials in Clay Body and Glaze Formulas” National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Vol. 31, April 1, 2010

“Preventing ‘S’ Cracks” Pottery Production Practices, Spring 2010

“Testing Clay Bodies for Freeze/Thaw Conditions” New Ceramics Magazine, English Edition, February 2010

“Buyer Beware” Studio Potter Magazine, Winter/Spring 2010

“Surviving the Cold – Calculating Clay Body Absorption” Pottery Making Illustrated, May/June 2007

“Curing Lime Pops” Pottery Making Illustrated, March/April 2007

“Stoneware Clay Body Formulas” Part 2, Pottery Production Practices, October 2005

“Stoneware Clay Body Formulas” Part 1, Pottery Production Practices, June 2005

“Mix Your Own Clay Body” Pottery Making Illustrated, May/June 2005

“Choosing the Right Clay” Ceramics Monthly, January 2005

“Putting the Fire in Clay” Pottery Production Practices, September 2007

“Clay: An Ongoing Process” Clay Times, July/August 2004

“Clay Body Shrinkage & Absorption” Potter Production Practices, Summer 2003

“Identifying and Correcting Clay Body Defects” Pottery Production Practices, Spring 2003

“Clay Body Absorption and Shrinkage” Ceramics Monthly, April 2003

“Influences on Clay Color” Pottery Production Practices, Winter 2002

“Black Clay” Pottery Making Illustrated, Nov/Dec 2002

“Additives for Clay Bodies” Ceramics Industry Magazine, September 2001

“Preventing S-Cracks” Pottery Making Illustrated, Fall 2000            

“Material Substitutions for Clay Bodies” Ceramics Monthly, February 1999

“The Perfect Clay Body?” Ceramics Monthly, March 1998

“Weighing the Benefits of Wet vs Dry Clay” Clay Times, June 1996


Glaze Articles

“The White Spots of Maiolica Ware” Ceramics Technical, No. 34, 2012

“Diagnosing Glaze Blisters” Ceramics Technical, November 2008

“Diagnosing Glaze Blister” (4 part series) blog article on Pottery Production Practices Magazine web site, February 28, 2008

“Raku Color and Opacity” Pottery Making Illustrated, July/Aug 2007

“No More Albany Slip, No More Barnard/Blackbird” Studio Potter, June 2006

“6 Steps to Stop Glaze Shivering” Pottery Making Illustrated, July/August 2006

“No More Albany Slip, No More Barnard/Blackbird” Ceramic Technical, May-Oct 2006

“Eight Steps to Stop Crazing” Pottery Making Illustrated, May/June 2006

“Mixing Glazes” Pottery Making Illustrated, Sept/Oct 2005

“The Line on Liner Glazes” Pottery Making Illustrated, July/August 2005

“Glazes: Materials, Mixing, Testing and Firing” Ceramics Monthly, March 2005

Advanced Raku Techniques, Ceramics Monthly Publisher, article, “Substitutes for Gerstley Borate” 2000

Glazes: Materials, Recipes and Techniques 2004, reprinted articles from Ceramics Monthly magazine -- Ordering Raw Materials, Additives for Glazes, Glaze Material Substitutions, Gerstley Borate and Colemanite, Substitutions for Gerstley Borate, Is Barium Safe?, Black Friday, Five Steps to Stop Glaze Shivering, Eight Steps to Stop Crazing, Glaze Crawling: Causes and Corrections

“Mixing it Up” Pottery Production Practices, September 2007

“Experimenting with Color” Pottery Production Practices, December 2003

“No More Gerstley Borate” and “Substitutions for Gerstley Borate” Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques by The American Ceramic Society, January 2003

“No More Gerstley Borate” and “Substitutions for Gerstley Borate” articles in book Electric Kiln Ceramics published by The American Ceramic Society

“Adjusting Glazes for Color and Opacity” Ceramic Industry Magazine, December 2001

“Substitutions for Gerstley Borate” Ceramics Monthly, October 2001

“No More Gerstley Borate” Ceramics Monthly, March 2000

“Glaze Crawling” Ceramics Monthly, September 1999

“Gerstley Borate and Colemanite” Ceramics Monthly, June 1998

“Raw Material Substitutions for Glazes” Ceramics Monthly, November 1998 

“Eight Steps to Stop Crazing” Ceramics Monthly, April 1995

“Five Steps to Stop Glaze Shivering” Ceramics Monthly, October 1995


Raw Material Articles

“Old and New Cornwall Stone” Ceramics Technical, No. 33, 2011

“A New Feldspar” Ceramics Technical, October 2009

“Glazes: Materials, Mixing, Testing and Firing” Ceramic Publications Handbook

“Feldspars We Use”, “Glazes: Materials, Mixing, Testing and Firing”, “Choosing the Right Clay”, “Clays We Use” Buyers Guide, A Studio Reference, 2007

“Questioning Cobalt” Ceramic Industry, March 2005

“Cobalt on Trial” Ceramics Monthly, June/July/Aug 2004

“How to Interpret a Typical Data Sheet” Ceramics Monthly, November 2003

“Managing Raw Material Variability” Pottery Production Practices, Fall 2002

“Additives for Glazes and Clay Bodies” Ceramics Monthly, December 1998

“Ordering Raw Materials” Ceramics Monthly, October 1998

“Is Barium Carbonate Safe?” Ceramics Monthly, September 1997  

“Why Clay and Glazes Melt” Ceramics Monthly, June 1997

“How to Buy Supplies” Ceramics Monthly, May 1991


Slip Articles

“Dendritic Slip” Ceramics Technical, No. 33, 2011

“Using Decorative Engobes” Pottery Production Practices, Vol. 161, Number 3, March 2011

“Color and Texture with Engobes” Pottery Making Illustrated, Sept/Oct 2000


Studio Safety Articles

“Studio Safety Part 1” The Journal of Australian Ceramics, No. 522, July 2013

“Pottery Studio Air Quality” Ceramics Technical, October 2009

“Clearing the Air” Pottery Production Practices, Spring 2009

“Talc and Asbestos: What We Know and What We Don’t” Ceramics Monthly, February 2008

“Safety First: Gloves for the Studio” Pottery Making Illustrated, Sept/Oct 2002

“Safety in the Ceramics Studio” Ceramics Consulting Services book published by Krause, August 2002

“The Potter’s Health & Safety Questionnaire” National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, N.C.E.C.A newsletter, Fall 2001

“Solutions for Common Health and Safety Issues in the Ceramics Studio” The Crafts Report, January 2001

Text on Soda Vapor firing and photo (p.311-313, 295) included in Clay and Glazes for the Potter, Daniel Rhodes, Third Edition

Text of Soda Glazing, Soda Glazing by Ruthanne Tudball, University of Pennsylvania Press, reference to Jeff Zamek soda research

Text and photographs published in Soda, Clay and Fire by Gail Nichols, The American Ceramics Society publication

“Venting Electric Kilns” Pottery Making Illustrated, Winter 2000

“Ceramics Health and Safety Questionnaire” NCECA News, Winter 2000

“Studio Safety” Pottery Making Illustrated, Fall 1999

Editorials – “Health & Safety Recommendations for Raw Materials”, “Is Barium Carbonate Safe?” Potters Guide, 1999

“Eye Protection for Potters” Pottery Making Illustrated, Summer 1999

“Respirators for Potters” Pottery Making Illustrated, Spring 1999

“Studio Safety: Assessing Risks” Pottery Making Illustrated, Summer 1998


Soda Firing Articles

“Soda Firing” The Artful Mind Magazine, October 2009

“A Return to Soda Firing” New Ceramics (English Edition), June 2009

“Sodium Vapor Firing” Alfred University, College of Ceramics, Alfred, NY; Part 1, June 1973; Part 2, April 1974

“Alternative to Salt Glazing” Craft Horizons, June 1973


Pottery Economics Articles

“The Economies of Pottery Production” blog article on Pottery Production Practices Magazine web site, February 28, 2008

“The Business of Pottery” Pottery Production Practices, March 2004

“Using Studio Space to Increase Profits” Ceramics Monthly, March 2004

“Economic Factors and Potters” Reprinted in Yakimono Corporation publication, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan , February 20, 2004

“The Economics of Raw Materials” Ceramic Industry Magazine, March 2001

“Economics and Raw Materials” Ceramics Monthly, January 1989


Additional Articles and Topics

“Making a Wheel-Thrown, Altered Bottle” Clay Times, Vol. 18, Issue 93, Spring 2012

“Pottery Tool Kit” Pottery Making Illustrated, Nov/Dec 2008

“Pottery Myths, the Dead Burned-Up Alfred Dog Myth” The Studio Potter, Vol. 36 No. 2, Summer 2008

“Pottery Myths” Pottery Production Practices, March 2008

“A Cautionary Tale” Pottery Production Practices, March 2007

“Covering Your Bases” Pottery Making Illustrated, Nov/Dec 2006

“Ergonomic Rib Tools” Pottery Production Practices, September 2006

“Tools of the Trade” Pottery Making Illustrated, March/April 2006

“Tools of the Trade” Pottery Production Practices, March 2005

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, September 2004

“Kiln Disasters – Adventures in Graduate School” Studio Potter, Network News, Vol. 16 No.1

“Studio Practices, Techniques and Tips” Ceramics Monthly Handbook, The American Ceramics Society, 2004

Questions Column, Ceramics Monthly, December 2003

“Continuous Education” Pottery Making Illustrated, Sept/Oct 2002

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, December 2001

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, June/July/Aug 2001

“Black Friday” Ceramics Monthly, May 2001

“Opening Doors” Ceramics Monthly, April 2000

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, February 2000

“Getting Stuck” Ceramics Monthly, January 2000

“Functional Pottery Sets” Pottery Making Illustrated, Winter 1999

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, December 1998

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, June 1998

“Production: Mistakes to Avoid” Pottery Making Illustrated, Spring 1998

“What Every Potter Should Know” Jeff Zamek, Ceramics Consulting Services, book published by Krause, March 1999

“Education: A Lifetime of Learning,” Pottery Making Illustrated, Winter 1998

“Marketing: 12 Steps to Success” Pottery Making Illustrated, October 1997

“Avoiding Common Problems” The Firing Line, Winter/Spring 1997

“Avoiding Common Problems” Ceramics Monthly, September 1996

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, September 1985

Suggestions Column, Ceramics Monthly, March 1985

“Methane Gas and Sewer Sludge: New Routes to Energy Efficiency in Firing Clay” The Studio Potter, Vol. 13 No. 1, December 1984

“Methane and Paper Sludge” Ceramics Monthly, June 1983


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