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  • Over fired pot
    Over fired pot

    Slumped clay body

  • Tile making
    Tile making

    Stamped tiles

  • Pug mill
    Pug mill

    Extruding moist clay

  • Cone 6 Glazes
    Cone 6 Glazes

    Oxidation Firing Electric Kiln

  • Clay mining
    Clay mining

    Processing clay

  • Clay body defect
    Clay body defect

    Lime pop

As we all know, the only thing consistent about ceramics is its inconsistency! Raw materials, clays, glazes, and kilns change over time. Remember Albany Slip?

  • If you want technical information
  • If you want to cut production costs
  • If you want to lower loss rates; if you want to develop a glaze
  • If you want to become independent of "stock" clay bodies from suppliers
  • If you want to buy raw materials and clays from their source
  • If you want to develop a clay body for throwing, hand building, slip casting, ram pressing, or jiggering operations
  • If you want to develop a ceramic product
  • If you want to change a firing temperature, try reduction firing, oxidation firing, salt/soda firing, wood firing, Raku firing, pit firing, lusters, decals, or fuming
  • If your glaze crawls, shivers, crazes, pinholes, blisters, dimples, runs, or just doesn't work
  • If your clay body fires too light, too dark, too absorbent, shrinks, cracks or just causes problems

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An accomplished potter, ceramic technical expert, and experienced teacher, Jeff holds a business degree from Monmouth University and BFA/MFA degrees from Alfred University, College of Ceramics, New York.

With an additional degree in Business, he has also published numerous technical articles and is the author of three reference books, What Every Potter Should Know, Safety in the Ceramics Studio, and his most recent, The Potter's Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook.

Jeff provides ceramics consulting services to individual potters, ceramics supply companies, and industry. He also serves as an expert witness on ceramics litigation cases.